Bird watching is one of most lucrative tourism niche products across the globe and particularly in Africa. Bird watchers spend more days and dollars on a trip than any other tourism product especially in Africa. Other continents have immensely exploited bird watching business and the economic, environment and social impact is visible.

Our aim as African Birding Expo (ABE) is build a strong brand and showcase Africa a leading inclusive birding destination. In Africa, birds are everywhere and distinct thus illustrating that bird watching business in Africa is rather complementary than competitive. It is also worth noting number of African tourists is also on rise and proven to be resilient and reliable especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. The safari lodges in Africa are witnesses to intra-African tourism. This 4th edition will be hosted in Entebbe – Uganda, Eastern Africa from 10th-12th December 2021; in addition there will be pre and post- expo activities to enable actors harness business opportunities.