Register as a vendor

The following categories have space for vending

  1. Booking and selection (e.g Tour and travel companies etc)
  2. Visa entry and clearing (e.g Civil aviation, EAC, Ministry of Internal affairs etc)
  3. International transport (e.g International Airlines etc)
  4. Domestic transport (e.g Buses and car hires etc)
  5. Accommodation (e.g Hotels and lodges etc)
  6. Foods and Beverages (e.g bars, restaurants and breweries etc)
  7. Attractions (e.g National parks, Forests, museums etc)
  8. Shopping and entertainment (e.g cultural dance groups, online shopping platforms etc)
  9. Others (e.g banks, media houses, embassies, telecom companies etc

4th African Birding Expo 2021